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It’ll make you MELT…

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the arrival of MELT to Bromsgrove’s High Street. We’re a pizza-with-prosecco, burgers-with-beer, cool, yet comfy kind of joint.

This is honestly our moment to melt, particularly after teetering on the brink of uncertainty – as we all have been – for the last 12+ months. We are finally open and ready to welcome the Bromsgrove community, and its surrounding areas, in through our doors.

MELT embraces the traditional look and feel of the neon infused New York pizzeria, but with an added flair reflective of our sister brands in the heart of Digbeth.

This is a true labour of love and it is so exciting for us to be moving outside of the city into Bromsgrove. The suburban high street is already home to some great bars and restaurants; we feel it has room to welcome one more.  

We got the keys to our new venue in 2020, but as COVID struck our plans were inevitably postponed. In this time, we got to thinking about what we’d want from a pizzeria. It’s fair to say there was no one, straight answer. That’s when it hit us! The many ideas that we poured over were reflective of the diversity of our team – a mix of people, places and ideas that stirred in the pot all melted into one. There we have it: MELT. (Also, beautifully indicative of our passion for soft, warm cheeses.) 

Our Founder, Kieran has always had a passion for food, which was enhanced when opening the doors of The Old Crown 10 years ago, and more recently Kanteen and Rico Libre:

“In those early days we really didn’t have much money to spend on staff, particularly when it came to the kitchen. So, we basically did everything ourselves! Those days really inspired me. We were so involved with cooking, serving, attending to customers and maybe a little bit of partying… So, with that, keep your mind open and your stomach’s ready as there’s definitely something there!”

Kieran, Founder

Our customers will be able to sit-in and takeaway from our Slice Hatch with deliveries launching the Autumn. We’ve also employed the help of Vita Mojo, a digital platform that has been tailored by us to ensure we offer a seamless digital ordering experience. Don’t be alarmed though – we’re all about the human touch and interaction!  

We cannot wait to welcome you, your family and friends + the whole of Bromsgrove into our new home.

Ready to book? Let’s #meetatmelt!

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It’ll make you MELT…

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the arrival of MELT to Bromsgrove’s High Street. We’re a pizza-with-prosecco, burgers-with-beer, cool, yet comfy kind of joint...